All you need to know about Texas Rangers

All you need to know about Texas Rangers

There are several sports and games present in today’s era such as football, badminton, tennis and. People show great interest in sports events support their favorite teams and are delighted to watch them play. 

Among these popular sports, baseball also has great importance. This game is played and watched in many countries such as the United States, Canada, Japan, and Korea. 

Baseball games originated in New York City in 1845. The earliest known rules of baseball were published in New York City on the same day in 1845. This Baseball is a National game of the United States.

There are many teams and clubs associated with Baseball games. In this article, I am going to talk about Texas Rangers one of the most famous baseball clubs in the world. 

What is the Texas Rangers?

The Texas Rangers is an American baseball club. It is located in the Dellas-Fort Worth metroplex. This club was established in 1961 in Washington D.C. as Washington Senators.

Texas participates in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member of the clubs of the American League (AL) of the West Division.

The Ranger Texas has appeared seven times in the MLB season. The divisions of appearance in championships are as follows.

  1. MLB  1996 
  2. MLB  1998 
  3. MLB  1999 
  4. MLB   2010 
  5. MLB   2011 
  6. MLB   2015 
  7. MLB   2016

Also participated as a wild card team in both MLB 2012 and 2023.

The Rangers achieved their first American League title after defeating New York Yankees in six games. The Texas Ranger is the only MLB team that has never won any World Series in 62 season appearances. After the Cleveland Guardians, the Rangers are the only team that has the longest active championship drought in MLB.

Who Are The Owners Of The Texas Rangers

Rangers Baseball Express, LLC owns the Texas Rangers. This company is located in the United States. Ray Davis and Bob R. Simpson are the co-chairmen of this baseball company. They established the Texas Rangers baseball club in 1961.

Texas Rangers Standings In Point Table

The Rangers hold the second position in the American League’s points table with 556 points same as the Astros. Rangers have played 162 games in the American League. The Rangers won in 90 games and they face failure in 72 games. They play 31-50 games at home and 40-41 away.

Texas Rangers Schedule In Major League Baseball (MLB)

The Rangers are playing MLB season 2023. The current schedule of Rangers includes seven matches against Astors in MLB 2023. They played 3 matches against each other and the Rangers won 2 games and the Astros had success in winning only one game. The 4 games are remaining to play between these teams.

Texas Rangers Tickets For MLB 2023

The tickets for Texas Rangers are available at the official website of Major League Baseball.

If you want to buy tickets for the Rangers match, you just go and visit MLB’s official website.

Summary of the Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers is an American baseball club. It was established in 1961 in Washington D.C. Rangers Baseball Express, LLC owns this baseball club. They appeared seven times in the Major Baseball Leagues (MLB). They have never won any MLB title till now. The Rangers won their first American League title after defeating New York Yankees. They are currently playing MLB season 2023 and hold second position in the points table of MLB 2023.

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